Wilson Die Kit 2

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L.E. Wilson has been making precision reloading tools for 90 years. This L.E. Wilson reloading kit features quality L.E. Wilson components to produce high quality, consistent ammunition. The kit includes a full length sizing die, a micrometer bullet seater and a case gauge.
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The L.E. Wilson Bushing Type Full Length Sizing Die will allow you to size the case neck to your desired neck tension along with sizing down the rest of the case body at the same time. Die includes an adjustable depth decapping rod. Extra Decapping Punch included, does not contain an expander. Made of High Quality Heat Treated Steel. Bushing sold separately. This die features standard 7/8"-14 threads for use in most common reloading presses.

The Stainless Steel Seater Die features a micrometer top for precise adjustments in .001" increments of seating depth. Both bullet and case are firmly held in perfect alignment as the bullet is seated in the case. Hand-die design for use with a mallet or an arbor press. NOT for use on a conventional 7/8 press.

The Case Length Headspace Gauge allows reloaders to measure case length from the base of the cartridge to the shoulder, as well as the maximum case length. This is a one-piece, non-adjustable cylinder-type gauge for checking fired and resized cartridge cases for cone-to-head and overall length. Used to compare cartridges against the minimum SAAMI chamber dimensions, this process shows the reloader if ammunition is being produced within specifications for Case Length min/max and Headspace min/max. ** DOES NOT INCLUDE NECK BUSHING **

Description Part Number
KBFC:223 Rem Die KitKBFC-223R
KBFC:243 Win Die KitKBFC-243W
KBFC:260 Rem Die KitKBFC-260R
KBFC:308 Win Die KitKBFC-308W
KBFC:6.5 Creedmoor Die KitKBFC-65CRE
KBFC:6.5X47 Lapua Die KitKBFC-6547L

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