VLD Drift / Seating Stem

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VLD Drift - For VLD bullets Direct replacement for the standard stem that comes with our bullet seating dies. Reamed with steeper angle, designed to grip lower on the bullet then the standard stem.
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Description Part Number
17 cal VLD DriftBSD-V17
20 cal VLD DriftBSD-V20
22 cal VLD DriftBSD-V22
25 cal VLD DriftBSD-V25
270 VLD DriftBSD-V27
30 cal VLD DriftBSD-V30
32 cal VLD DriftBSD-V32
33 cal VLD DriftBSD-V33
35 cal VLD DriftBSD-V35
6.5mm VLD DriftBSD-V65
6mm VLD DriftBSD-V60
7mm VLD DriftBSD-V70
8mm VLD driftBSD-V80

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