Sinclair/Wilson Micro-Adjust Bullet Seater

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Features easy-adjust seating depth capabilities with a simple turn of the die body. Sinclair/L.E. Wilson Micro-Adjust Bullet Seaters are detent-bearing driven with positive “click” increments of .0005” for fast, accurate bullet seating depth adjustments.
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Feature: Made In the U.S.A

Price and availability here:  SINCLAIR INTERNATIONAL

  1. Each seater stem is custom fitted to the seater body ensuring close tolerance fit

  2. Precision-cut threads allow bullet seating depth adjustment in .0005” increments

  3. Graduated scale for repeated use with different bullets and seating depths

  4. Micro-Adjust “clicks” via stainless springs and stainless ball bearings

  5. Constructed of 416 Stainless Steel with precise, laser-etched adjustment scale

  6. Made in the USA by L.E. Wilson with 85 years of inline die experience

We feel these dies are the finest available in terms of quality, construction, and performance.

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