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For Accurate Uniform Handloads, Since 1927

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  • Bullet Seaters
    Inline Seating –Simulates Seating your Bullet in your Chamber
  • Case Prep Tools
    Accurate Shots are Born from Proper Case Preparation.
  • Dies
    Achieve Consistent Neck Tension by using our Bushing Type Sizing Dies
  • Gages
    Extend Brass Life and Improve Accuracy By Using Our Gages
  • Punch and Base Sets
    Knock Out Troublesome Primers as a Separate Operation
  • Replacement Parts
    Just Need a Part? Look No Further.
  • 50 Caliber Tools
    Supersized Wilson Tools for Lager Calibers
  • Presses
    High quality arbor presses to work with your Wilson dies
  • Swag
    Grab the latest L.E. Wilson merchandise.