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Pistol Max Gage

Quick Overview

The Wilson Pistol Max (Cartridge) Gage is designed to check loaded pistol cartridges and is set to maximum SAAMI spec dimensions. This gage will measure Max Case Length, Max Cartridge dimensions and Max Loaded Round Length. But, more importantly it will help you to determine what is going on with your loaded ammunition. It can help to solve many issues associated with loading pistol ammunition. Such as, bowing of cases during sizing, oblong rounds, bulge on case or crimp just to name a few. The Pistol Max Gage is a must if you are loading your own ammunition for your handguns or if you need to check purchased factory ammunition.

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Instruction Sheet Pistol Max Gage

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Description Part Number 
PG:10mm Pistol Gage PMG-10M
PG:32 H&R Mag Pistol Gage PMG-32HR
PG:32 S&W Long/32 New Pistol Gage PMG-32SW
PG:327 Federal Mag Pistol Gage PMG-327F
PG:357 Mag.Pistol Gage PMG-357
PG:38 Spcl. Pistol Gage PMG-38S
PG:38 Super Pistol Gage PMG-38U
PG:380 Auto Pistol Gage PMG-380
PG:40 S&W Pistol Gage PMG-40S
PG:41 Mag. Pistol Gage PMG-41M
PG:44 Mag. Pistol Gage PMG-44M
PG:44 Spcl. Pistol Gage PMG-44S
PG:45 Auto Pistol Gage PMG-45A
PG:45 Colt Pistol Gage PMG-45C
PG:454 Casull Pistol Gage PMG-454C
PG:500 S&W Pistol Gage PMG-500SW
PG:9mm Pistol Gage PMG-9MM

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