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  1. Full Length Sizing Die - Bushing Type

    The NEW Wilson Bushing Type Full Length Sizing Die. This die will allow you to size the case neck to your desired neck tension along with sizing down the rest of the case body at the same time. Die includes an adjustable depth decapping rod. Extra Decapping Punch included, does not contain an expander. Made of High Quality Heat Treated Steel. Bushing sold separately.

    • High Quality Material - Hardened to L.E. Wilson Specifications
    • Harder than a Grade 8 Bolt
    • Interchangeable Bushings to get Desired Neck Tension
    • Standard 7/8ths Reloading Press
    • Sizes Shoulder and Body Dimensions 
    • Stainless Parts for a Long Lasting Finish
    • Durable and Accurate
    • Use with your L.E. Wilson Case Gage to Determine Proper Sizing and to Prevent Overworking your Brass
    • L.E. Wilson manufactured lock nut - thickness is .225" from inside to outermost edge .270" for height and 1.250" total width OD
  2. Power Adaptor for Case Mouth Burring Tool

    • A quick and accurate way to de-burr the inside and outside of your case mouths
    • Designed with a tapered ID to allow a press fit, reducing wobble 
    • 1/4" hex drive to work with most power screwdrivers on the market
    • Reduces hand fatigue and allows you to get through this difficult step with ease
    • For use with the .17 - .45 Caliber Deburring Tool
    • Not compatible with the 50 Caliber Burring Tool
    • Depending on the age of your burring tool, since the adaptor is designed with a tapered fit, this adaptor may not be compatible.  If you have an issue, please contact us and we will help to resolve this issue.
    • Power Screwdriver and Burring tool NOT INCLUDED
  3. Brass Min Dimension Gage - SAAMI Chamber

    Available January 2019 -Ever wonder if your reloads meet min chamber dimensions? Then this is the gage for you. Made with the same tight tolerances you have come to expect from all your Wilson Tools. Best used if you are loading ammo to work in multiple gun chambers of the same caliber. We recommend using this in conjunction with the Regular Case Gage to prevent over-sizing.  Gage verifies Min Chamber Dimensions and OAL for SAAMI.  NOTE: Check with your bullet manufacturer to verify OAL this will vary depending on what grain and style bullet you are using.

    Min Dimensions Gages are made to SAAMI specifications for Min Chamber.  SAAMI Min Chamber specs are slightly LARGER than Max Cartridge.  The purpose of this gage is to check your reloaded rounds to see if they meet Min Chamber Specs.  Therefore, if your rounds do not enter the Gage, then this is pointing to an issue with your reloaded round against SAAMI specifications.

    On the other hand, if your rounds DO enter the Gage, but DO NOT chamber in your gun.  This points to you having a very tight chambered gun and would assume either an improperly cut reamer or a chamber that was cut below Min Chamber Dimension headspace.

    This does NOT mean that your round will not chamber in your specific gun's chamber.  This only means the round DOES NOT meet SAAMI Min Chamber dimensions and is telling you to take another look before deciding that your round is good to fire.

    Reasons to use the Min Dimension Gage

    1) You want your reloaded rounds to chamber in a variety of guns

    2) You want to check for uniformity of your rounds against SAAMI specifications

    3) You want to pinpoint issues with your reloaded ammunition

    4) You want a quick check to see if you are under MAX SAAMI COAL

    5) You want to check factory ammunition you have purchased

    We recommend using the Regular Case Gage for bottle necked cartridges to assist you determining how much to trim and push back your shoulder to suit your chambers headspace.

    Available in Select Calibers

  4. Brass Case Gage

    Available January 2019 - select calibers made from U.S. Sold Brass bar stock.  An upgrade to our standard steel line.  Brass has good corrosion resistance and an excellent surface finish, perfect for gaging your cases.  Be one of the first to own one of these fine gage.  Ask your preferred Wilson dealer for more information.

    One piece gage that will check overall length to indicate the need for trimming, datum to head length to assure correct headspace and to prevent over sizing. Available for most popular rimless cases. The Cartridge Case Gage was designed with safety in mind and was invented by our founder Sam (L.E.) Wilson in 1935 after a fellow shooter approached him for help in solving a case-separation issue. The gage allows you to see just how much you are sizing back your shoulder on your cases.

    This is best done by following the steps below.

    1. Measure a case in AS-FIRED condition
    2. Take a measurement
    3. Resize case on current die setting
    4. Then place back in the gage to see just how much you are sizing the shoulder back.  This can be done by using the Case Gage Depth Micrometer
    5. Finally, adjust sizing die accordingly to desired shoulder set back.
    6. After sizing your cases, there is a good chance the brass will lengthen. The gage will also check min/max case length and will point out the need for case trimming. This is an essential tool for every reloader.

    Note: Does not measure body diameters. This gage is intended to be used with fired cases to determine a basis for full length sizing and trimming.

  5. Sinclair/Wilson Micro-Adjust Bullet Seater

    Features easy-adjust seating depth capabilities with a simple turn of the die body. Sinclair/L.E. Wilson Micro-Adjust Bullet Seaters are detent-bearing driven with positive “click”  increments of .0005” for fast, accurate bullet seating depth adjustments. Here are the details of construction:

    1. Each seater stem is custom fitted to the seater body ensuring close tolerance fit
    2. Precision-cut threads allow bullet seating depth adjustment in .0005” increments
    3. Graduated scale for repeated use with different bullets and seating depths
    4. Micro-Adjust “clicks” via stainless springs and stainless ball bearings
    5. Constructed of 416 Stainless Steel with precise, laser-etched adjustment scale
    6. Made in the USA by L.E. Wilson with 85 years of inline die experience

    We feel these dies are the finest available in terms of quality, construction, and performance.


    Please visit Sinclair International for more information and availability

  6. Wilson Case Trimmer Kit Box Only

    A great way to store your Wilson Case Trimmer when traveling or not in use.  This box will fit either the Standard Stop Case Trimmer or the Micrometer Stop Trimmer.  Will NOT work for 50 Caliber models.


  7. Case Gage Depth Micrometer

    Every reloader should know exactly how much your Full Length Sizing Die is pushing back the shoulder. With the NEW Case Gage Depth Micrometer you can do just that! It has never been easier to measure you cases headspace before and after sizing. The Depth Mic allows you to slip the micrometer perfectly over the top of the gage with your case inserted into the gage and take a measurement. Graduations of .001 comes with a Gage Block. One size works for all L.E. Wilson Gages , 50 BMG Gage may not be compatible depending on if you headspace is over max dimension. We are working on a solution for this.
  8. Stainless Steel Micro-Adjustable Bullet Seater Cap

    We are now offering a Stainless Micro Adjustable Bullet Seater cap to be used with our Regular Bullet Seater Line.  Micro Cap will come with what is shown in pictures. Seating stem (drift) not included.

    • 303/416 Stainless material
    • Precision cut 40 TPI for a fine adjustment of bullet seating depth
    • Adjust in .001 increments with .025 per full rotation - easier to dial in seating depth
    • Accepts all calibers of Seating stems (Drifts) 17 to 35 cal
    • Turn any of our precision Chamber Type Seaters into a micrometer adjustable die. Just remove the standard Bullet Seater cap and thread your Micrometer cap on adjust set screw and that's it.
    • Compact design - about the same height as our standard cap that is supplied with the die
    • Laser etched lettering and scale
    • As with all our products MADE IN THE USA!
  9. Stainless Bullet Seater Blank with Micrometer

    LE Wilson Bullet Stainless Seater Blanks come with Cap Stem, Micrometer and Base.  

    • Bore hole is finished and the blank is made long so you may cut it to the correct length.  
    • A neck and a pilot hole is drilled through to the finished bore.  
    • Chamber your own micrometer seater to your wildcat cartridge or chamber reamer.   
    • Comes with a guide on how to chamber the die


    Note: Please have experience with machine work or talk to your local gunsmith for more information on how to finish these dies.

  10. Wilson Die Kit

    L.E. Wilson has been making precision reloading tools for 90 years. This L.E. Wilson reloading kit features quality L.E. Wilson components to produce high quality, consistent ammunition. The kit includes a neck sizing die and a micrometer bullet seater.
  11. Wilson Die Kit 2

    L.E. Wilson has been making precision reloading tools for 90 years. This L.E. Wilson reloading kit features quality L.E. Wilson components to produce high quality, consistent ammunition. The kit includes a full length sizing die, a micrometer bullet seater and a case gauge.
  12. Min Chamber Gage

    One piece gage that will check your reloaded rounds against SBR's Min Chamber Specs, inventor of the 458 SOCOM

    This product is exclusively produced for SBR ammunition.

    Please visit SBR Ammunition for more information and availability

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12 Item(s)