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Neck Sizing Bushing
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Feature: Sizes your case neck in the Wilson Neck Die or Wilson Bushing Type Full Length Sizing Die
Feature: To figure out what size you need see formula below
Feature: Made In the U.S.A.

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The Neck Die Bushing fits in the Neck Die and sizes the case neck to grip the bullet.

To figure out what size to order... Measure the diameter of a loaded round where the bullet sits in the neck (Ex. .268).  Now subtract .002 to .003 from that number.  

.268 -.002 = .266 Bushing

Another way is to measure your wall thickness and multiply by 2 and add bullet diameter.  Then subtract .002 to .003 from that number.

.012 Wall Thickness x 2 = .024

.243 Bullet Diameter

Example:  .243 + .024 = .267   Now subtract .003 (.267 - .003 = .264 Bushing)

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