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For Accurate Uniform Handloads, Since 1927

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Consistent Bullet Seating Depth

Uniformity – Inline dies have been proven to increase accuracy. With Inline seating we take the threads out of the seating operation and use Inline Chamber Dies. The Chamber Dies align the bullet with the case before the seating operation. This type of seater counts on the die bore being in line with the die body. That is where L.E. Wilson puts a ton of work, into the finishing process of the die.

Consistent Case Length

Just how accurate up to +/- .0005” from case to case with the Wilson Case Trimmer. Uniformity – Unmatched in consistency, manufactured here in Cashmere, WA since 1936. Unlike other trimmers, the Wilson trimmer, holds cases by their body taper rather than the case head which can cause inconsistencies in case length.

Headspace Measurement

Ensure you’re setting your shoulder back just enough to get you the most accurate shot by using the Case Gage with Case Gage Depth Micrometer. Most realoders will check their brass AFTER it has been reloaded, but have you thought of checking your headspace BEFORE so you know how much to size your brass? Reveal and correct case problems with L.E. Wilson Brand tools.

Smooth Accurate Deburring

Smooth Accurate cuts – This tool puts the correct chamfer on the inside and outside of your case mouths without the chatter. One of our favorite and longest running tools we visually inspect each tool before it leaves our facility to ensure the smoothest cut on your brass. Our technicians even hand file each of the female flutes sharp, a process we have done for over since we have been making the tool.

Neck Sizing Only

Allows you to keep your Case as Fire Formed as possible to YOUR guns Chamber. We use the term – “Not all chambers are created equal”. By Neck Sizing Only you can achieve more accuracy out of your rounds because there is less movement in the brass upon firing. More energy is transferred to the projectile then to expanding the brass. Another added bonus, by Neck Sizing only you will improve the longevity of the brass by not overworking it.

It takes just one wide shot to waste all the time and expense of preparing for the next big match or hunt. The “flyers” that spoil your groups and cause you to miss your game, may be the first indication of excessive chamber pressures. Poor seating can also enlarge your group just enough to cost you a trophy. Use the tools designed to reveal and correct these problems. Assure yourself that you have accurate, uniform, and safe handloads with maximum case life by using Wilson brand tools.

Tooling, born from a love of shooting

Sam’s love of shooting inspired him to design several of the lines of products still sold today. L. E. Wilson Inc. has been making tools for hand loaders ever since. His tool designs were centered around user safety and bullet accuracy. Now in the fourth generation of family ownership, we still hold true to Sam’s core principles and strive to continue the legacy he created. The generations of knowledge and the experience in tool making is what sets L.E. Wilson Inc. apart from the competition.

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Instruction Sheets

Find the best possible methods for hand loading and all the necessary information to get the best performance out of your LE WIlson tools.

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