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  1. My case does not go all the way into my die. What do I do?

    Please send your cases to us with a note about what the problem is and we will open up your dies to fit your cases. You will only be responsible for the shipping charges. If you include a check for $10.50 (USPS) that should cover shipping if in the USA and you have no more then two dies.

  2. I don't see my caliber listed on your case holder list. Can I get a special case holder?

    Please send in 3 cases in the condition in which you intend to trim them. Please include a check for $34.50 this includes the cost of the holder and shipping (USPS only) and handling. If you would like it returned via another carrier, you will need to call to arrange payment, rates will vary.

  3. What press do I use with your dies? Can I use my 7/8ths press? Can I use a plastic mallet?

    The best way to use our dies is with an Arbor Press. You can buy these from any of our dealers. Some 7/8ths presses have a spot that acts like an Arbor Press and that will work as well.

    Although you may use a mallet with our bullet seater and neck die, it is not our recommended method. Our Full Length Bushing Type Dies are designed for a 7/8ths press and will fit most available brands.

  4. Can your products be used easily at the shooting range?

    Definitely this is one of the advantages of our dies. They are compact and it is very easy to pack a small Arbor press along with you to the shooting range.

  5. How do I use and set up my case trimmer for the first time?

    Trimmer Set up Video.

    The cutter has been inserted into the bearing backwards for shipping. Loosen the setscrew on the stop nut and back out the stop screw far enough to get the cutter out of the bearing. Now slide cutter in to the other end of bearing until it bottoms out on the jam nut next to the handle. Now place the case into the holder and fit it between the stop screw and the cutter face. Screw in the stop screw until the case mouth just touches the cutter face. Tighten the setscrew on the stop nut. You are ready to make an initial cut to determine a starting point. After you make the cut, measure your case to determine how much more you need to trim.

  6. How is my case held in your holder?

    Case Holder Video.

    Rifle case holders hold the case with body taper.

    Q-Type holders hold the case by a cross pin.

    Hardened Pistol holders use a small ring near the end of the holder to hold it tight. They must be pressed into the holder and out.

  7. Do you make custom dies?

    At this time we are not making any custom dies or gages. We are however open to mass quantity orders for a new or recently popular caliber.

  8. How do I figure out what size bushing I need?

    Neck Die and Bushing Video.

    The best way is to measure a loaded round on the neck where the bullet is held, then subtract .002 or .003. This gives you and excellent starting point and is moving the brass the least amount possible.

    The other way is to measure your wall thickness and times it by two.

    Now add the diameter of the bullet.

    Subtract .002 or .003.

  9. What is the best way to keep your tools from rusting?

    The best way is to keep them coated with a non-petroleum based rust prevent when they are being stored for long periods of time. We like the rustlick products.

  10. How do I use my case gage?

    Case Gage Video.

    The case gage is to be used with fired cases in your gun. It gives you a basis or starting point for the trimming and sizing operations.

    First drop the fired case into the gage. Take a measurement on headspace. This can be done with micrometers a depth micrometer or caliper (Depending on if your case sits high or low in the gage). If your case sticks out past maximum headspace you probably have a larger then average chamber. You may still use the gage because you are using it to determine how much you are sizing.

    Now once you have an initial measurement slowly dial in you full length sizer until you get a .001 to .002 drop in headspace. This will set you just behind your gun chambers headspace, giving you a more accurate shot and saving your brass by not overworking it.

    Once you have sized your cases you can drop them in and set the gage on a flat surface with the head side facing down. Now you can look across the top of the gage, this gives you min/max for trim length.

  11. My case does not fit in the case holder. What do I do?

    If your case does not fit your holder, first make sure you have the right holder. If you are using fired cases make sure it does not say NEW CASE on the holder. If it still does not fit you may need to send it so we may open it up for you. You probably have a lager them average chamber.

    Please send your holder, 3 of your cases, a short note to describe the issue you are having and a check for $10.50 (USPS). This will cover the shipping charges back to you, if you live in the USA.

  12. What is the difference between Fired and New (F/N) on your case holder list?

    Fired = Fired cases

    New = New or full length resized cases

    Note: Fired cases holder will only be marked with caliber it will not say FIRED CASE

    New case holders are marked NEW CASE

  13. I think my tool is defective. What do I do?

    Please call if you think there is something wrong with your Wilson tool.

    Office hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Thursday Pacific Standard Time.


    Contact Us.

  14. What doesn't your warranty cover?

    The warranty does not cover Shipping charges.

    It is not transferable.

    It applies to the original owner only.

    It does not cover normal wear and tear.

  15. I am just getting into reloading. What tools do I need to get started?

    Your best bet is to call one of our dealers ask them for advise on getting started. They will be able to tell you which products to use in conjunction with our tools. Also get a reloading manual ordered and start reading.

    As far as Wilson tools a Bullet Seater, Neck Die (If you are just sizing the neck), Case Gage, Deburring Tool, Case Holder and a Case Trimmer is a good place to start.

  16. What is the advantage of chamber type seating verses threaded dies?

    Chamber type dies use the idea that straight-line seating is the best way to align the bullet with the case before it is seated in the die. Because the threads are left out of the equation, and the die is set on a flat surface, we believe it will give you a more accurate and consistent seating of the bullet.

  17. I am unhappy with the amount of run out I am getting with my die. Is it something I am doing?

    There are many factors that come into play. Here are a few things to check before calling us.

    Uniform neck wall thickness.

    Check concentricity before and after going through full-length sizer or neck sizer.

    Check concentricity after seating bullet.

    Now give us a call.

  18. I can't get my case to go into the pistol holder.

    Using the pistol holder is a slow process. I recommend using an arbor type press to press the case in and out of the holder. The best way to get it out is to use a piece of wooden dowel. Stick it inside the case and press it out.

  19. Can I buy directly from you?

    Yes you may but we do charge full retail price to protect our dealers. Your best bet is to buy from one of our dealers listed on our web site. We now accept all major credit cards for retail sales.

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