Decapping Base

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The punch and base de-caps the primer from the case while providing a stable base. Bases are case hardened for wear resistance. Available for most calibers.
Part Number: PBB-
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Feature: Punch Out Primers on your Cases in a Separate Operation
Feature: Works Great for Military Primers
Feature: Many Precision Shooters Prefer to Punch Primers Out Prior to Sizing
Feature: To Determine the Correct Size, Simply Measure your Case Head Diameter. For example a 223 Remington head measures .375" so you would need a .380 Base
Feature 5 Made in the U.S.A

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DescriptionPart Number 
P&B Base Only 350PBB-350
P&B Base Only 380PBB-380
P&B Base Only 408PBB-408
P&B Base Only 425PBB-425
P&B Base Only 440PBB-440
P&B Base Only 460PBB-460
P&B Base only 475PBB-475
P&B Base Only 485PBB-485
P&B Base Only 506PBB-506
P&B Base Only 515PBB-515
P&B Base Only 533PBB-533
P&B Base Only 545PBB-545
P&B Base Only 583PBB-583
P&B Base only 610PBB-610
P&B Base only 636PBB-636
P&B Base only 770PBB-770

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