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Adjustable Case Gage

Quick Overview

For belted mags. While the belt provides support for proper headspace, the life of the case will drastically shorten unless resizing is held to a minimum at the shoulder. These gages, which can be adjusted to be used with individual rifles of the same caliber, will enable the handloader to control the amount of resizing simply by measuring a fired case. Overall length can also be checked with these gages.

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For Belted Magnums  Part Number
CG Adj:224 Wby. Mag. Adj. CG CGA-224WB
CG Adj:240 Wby. Mag. Adj. CG CGA-240WB
CG Adj:257 Wby. Mag. Adj. CG CGA-257WB
CG Adj:264 Win. Mag. Adj. CG CGA-264WN
CG Adj:270 Wby. Mag. Adj. CG CGA-270WB
CG Adj:30-338 Win Mag Adj. CG CGA-30338
CG Adj:300 H&H Mag. Adj. CG CGA-300HH
CG Adj:300 Wby. Mag. Adj. CG CGA-300WB
CG Adj:300 Win. Mag. Adj. CG CGA-300WN
CG Adj:308 Norma Mag. Adj. CG CGA-308N
CG Adj:338 Win. Mag. Adj. CG CGA-338WN
CG Adj:350 Rem. Mag. Adj. CG CGA-350RM
CG Adj:358 Norma Mag. Adj. CG CGA-358N
CG Adj:375 H&H Mag. Adj. CG CGA-375HH
CG Adj:378 Wby. Mag. Adj. CG CGA-378WB
CG Adj:460 Wby. Mag. Adj. CG CGA-460WB
CG Adj:6.5 Rem. Mag. Adj. CG CGA-65RM
CG Adj:7mm Rem. Mag. Adj. CG CGA-7RMM
CG Adj:7mm Wby. Mag. Adj. CG CGA-7WBM
CG Adj:7x61 S&H Adj. CG CGA-761SH
CG Adj:8mm Rem. Mag. Adj. CG CGA-8RMM

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